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         [pron. MENU] are an alternative indie rock band composed of three brothers; Shade (lead vocals, guitar), Key (piano, synthesizers) and Nathan Samuel Phillip (drums, vocals) with touring member Wilfur (bass). Their sound derives from a background of classical music training and British rock influence. If Muse, Coldplay and The Killers had a genius, dirty lovechild its name would be MENEW. -Loudwire
MENEWs debut album Wide Awake Hello  and follow up Mother Nature met much critical acclaim when short-listed for four Grammy Nominations each and have had placements on major networks including NBC, CBS, MTV, ESPN and films worldwide.  They have since been featured on Network television including the Late Show with David Letterman and have toured and performed alongside artists such as U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, Weezer and Linkin Park.
MENEW's highly anticipated new singles, produced by Matt Wallace and mixed by Chris Lord Alge, are planned for release in 2016.   For more info visit

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  MENEW - Mother Nature 2013 photo MENEW - Live photo 2012

 Photographer: William Rainey

 Photographer: William Rainey

 Photographer: William Rainey




2015 LOGO
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MENEW logo 2014 (white) MENEW logo 2014 (black)

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MENEW logo 2013 (black)
MENEW logo 2013 (white)

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